The greatest sleep and wake-up experience
Selah helps you to master sleep all the way from relaxing in the evening to completing your morning routine.

About the Calm Clock

Great sleep in our digital age

Having enough self-control to limit screen activity before bedtime is now essential to ensure good sleep.

Selah reminds you to put your phone away in the evening to increase your chances of success.

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Wake-up light and much more

A regular alarm clock shocks your body into alertness.
Selah helps you achieve a calm state of mind.

100+ soundtracks available on release

Discover Selah's revolutionary approach to bedside audio content. Access audio-based tools to improve your sleep quality, calm your body and experience mental clarity - without being exposed to a bright and distracting screen.

Got questions?

How does Selah help me fall asleep?

There is a dedicated button that plays audio content tailored to help you relax and fall asleep in a screen-free way. Selah's audio library offers a wide range of sleep soundtracks designed to help you doze off.

Why should I choose a phone-free bedroom?

Perhaps the clearest argument is that the phone is stealing directly from sleep. You're lying in bed scrolling instead of sleeping, causing you to sleep for shorter or snooze more.

Apps and services on the phone are designed to be cognitively and emotionally stimulating, pushing the brain towards activation and stress. That's not particularly helpful when trying to wind down.

Some may know that blue light, specially from mobile screens, is not good in the evening. There is a physiological explanation to this: Melatonin is a hormone that increases sleepiness. The production of this hormone increases when it gets dark in the evening, and for most people it the levels peak in the middle of the night. Exposure to blue light may suppress the body's natural production of melatonin. With lower values of melatonin it is then harder and slower to fall asleep, and it takes longer to enter the deeper stages of sleep.

In the morning, the brain is in a special state where brain waves are slower and you are more susceptible to impressions than other times of the day. If you check the news, social media, work emails or other subtly stressful impressions right after you wake up, you are more likely to be affected by this and carry it with you into the day. You can, of course, not check the news after you've turned off the alarm on your phone, but it can be really hard not to once you have the phone your hand.

How does Selah help me reduce screen time?

The companion app and the device itself will both provide gentle reminders to put your phone away in the evening. This is to aid you in avoiding undesired phone use in bed, and enabling you start your days with a routine that works for you.

What is sleep aid?

One of the three buttons on the Calm Clock provides sleep aid in the form of guided audio-based methods. These are tailored for you in the app, picked from Selah's audio library. Examples: Sleep hypnosis, relaxation techniques, guided breathing exercises, yoga nidra, ambient nature sounds, white noise, and so much more.

Selah's audio platform will be continuously updated with new audio content from different artists and, over time, in multiple languages. There will be support for content in English and Norwegian upon release.

When will I receive my Calm Clock?

We are currently only selling and shipping to Norway. We will launch internationally soon - stay tuned for updates!

For Norwegian customers: We will start shipping Selah to our first customers in late Q2, 2024. Customers will be updated on the details continuously by email, here on the website and through our social media channels. Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook!

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

Try your Selah risk-free for 60 days after delivery. If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions: 14cm (height), 15cm (diameter width/depth)
  • Weight: 600g
  • Includes: Speaker. Wifi connectivity. Adjustable light and reading light. Configurable alarm. Time-display. App.
  • Selah is small enough to fit on most night stands.- Includes a hiqh-quality sound speaker.
  • Selah connects to internet through your wireless network so that all audio tracks are available on your device without a phone.
  • Alarm, time-display, light and sound can easily be controlled from the device itself, or from the app.
  • Power adapter with plug (type C) for Norwegian power sockets is included in the box.
  • Instructions for the app and audio routines are included with the product.

Designed for sleep

Research has shown that exposure to light in the morning can help you regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality over time.


Having good routines for sleep and rest are becoming increasingly important in our overstimulated and hectic society.

  • Better sleep

    Achieve deep sleep quicker and get more of the physical and mental recovery that sleep provides. Deep sleep is essential for waking up refreshed and energized, which in turn improves our overall wellbeing and energy.

  • Less unrest

    Get access to soundtracks that help you reduce stress. When your body and mind are relaxed, it's easier to fall asleep and achieve deep sleep.

  • Oppvåkningslyset lyser på søvnklokken som står i et mørkt rom

    More vitality and energy

    Selah wakes you up gently with a gradual wake-up light and soothing sounds to make it easier to get out of bed. This often leads to a more alert start to the day and reduces the urge to hit the snooze button.

Bildet viser en hånd som skal til å trykke på søvnklokken for å starte en beroligende lydspor.

Evening routine

Replace stress-inducing bedside scrolling with relaxing audio content for proper rest and relaxation.

Dedicated button for sleep aid

For when you wake up in the middle of the night, the Calm Clock has a dedicated, tactile button you can easily recognize in the dark, which starts sleep-inducing soundtracks.

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After a dramatic accident in 2016, Maria With Hoen suffered major injuries and subsequent sleep problems. The critical situation led to an idea…

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