What if a product could
free us from the screen
and improve sleep?

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Introducing Selah – the bedside sleep assistant

Selah revolutionizes the alarm clock into a product that also helps you sleep and have the evening- and morning routines you desire.


  • Replaces the smartphone by the bedside so you can reduce screen time with ease
  • Delivers guided sleep assistance without blue-light and distractions
  • Lets you pre-program your wellbeing-routines when willpower is high

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Our why

At age 20, one of Selah’s founders Maria, was in a near death accident where she fell off a cliff on the Death Road in Bolivia. In the three years of rehabilitation work and surgeries that followed, Maria experienced the importance of sleep first hand – and the mind boggling frustration of not getting it. She devoted herself to learning everything she could about sleep, its link to physical and mental health, and what techniques and habits she could implement to take her sleep and full health back.

She discovered the incredible advances being made in the science of sleep and nervous system regulation, that few people are aware of or know how to implement. She also experienced that it requires enormous amounts of willpower to shape and maintain good sleep habits – especially in an attention economy that is constantly pulling us towards temptations and nervous system activation rather than rest. 

While studying psychology and through meeting her co-founder Christine, Maria realized the magnitude of this problem from a global perspective, as well as its far reaching consequences for humanity’s wellbeing and economy. Christine had experienced similar challenges in a more common setting – as a busy student attempting to juggle university, jobs and a social life, where switching off and finding rest became increasingly more difficult.

Selah was born because we hold a vision of a world where technology supports humans in living happy and healthy lives, rather than exploit our vulnerabilities. Helping people regulate stress, get great sleep, and start their day off in a good and intentional way, is a fundamental place to start.

We are currently facing the most substantial mental health crisis in history

– and if we are to stand a chance of turning things around, we absolutely have to think new. We have to think way more in terms of prevention rather than reactive loops of disease treatment, and we have to create infrastructures that enable us to have more impact with less human resources. 

Selah holds the potential to be such an infrastructure. Our why is powered by our faith in a better future, and the frustrating knowledge that the tools to improve millions of lives already exist – they just aren’t widely enough known nor nearly accessible enough when most needed.

Our team

Christine Øvstedal

Founder and CEO

MB in Economics from NHH, specialized in sustainable business models and entrepreneurship.

Maria With Hoen

Founder and CPO

Background in psychology, behavior science, sleep coaching and mindfulness.

Jon Zwaig Kolstad

Head of Engineering

Masters degree in engineering cybernetics from NTNU. Hardware, software, project management and startup-experience.

Jostein Robstad

Product Designer

Lead designer from No Isolation and Auk. Has brought multiple hardware products all the way from idea to market successfully.

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