Why we stopped using alarm clocks and created a calm clock instead

What if the device by our bedside helped us get deep rest and quality sleep, rather than just wake us from it? This article breaks down the differences between classic alarm clocks and a Calm Clock.

What do you think of when you hear the word “alarm clock”?

Do you think of a calming environment for your sleep? A beloved helper at the bedside? A wonderful way to start your day?

Our guess is, probably not.

Most of us do not even wake up to a proper alarm clock these days – but rather, to the alarm function on the smartphone. A device that is so clever that it is known to trigger alertness and stress, rob us of quality sleep, and make it easier to snooze than to turn off the alarm in the morning.

In Selah, we believe there is a great need to set a new standard for the bedroom and the energy we bring into it.

What if the device we let sit by the bedside actually could help us achieve the deep rest and quality sleep we need, rather than just disrupt and abruptly wake us from it?

What if this bedside device was something that could help calm racing thoughts, ease us into the land of dreams, and support deep sleep throughout the night? And then wake us up in a natural and soothing way, and make it easier to get out of bed rather than to snooze in the morning? Something that truly sets us up for our best nights and our best days.

We call this something the Calm Clock.

Two completely different products for the bedside

The classic alarm clock does the one job of waking us from sleep. With its often abrupt sounds, the common alarm clock moves you into alertness with a sudden shock to your system. Other than waking you up (if hitting the snooze-button five times can even be called successfully waking you up…), it does little to ensure that you get a good start to your day.

The Calm Clock is something completely different. It is designed to help you achieve a calm state of mind and master the entire sleep cycle – all the way from winding down to completing your morning routine.

In the evening and throughout the night, the calm clock makes soundtracks such as meditations, music, sleep hypnosis and guided breathing exercises available to you in a screen- and distraction free way. In the morning it wakes you up in line with your biology, with a gradual sunrise light and sounds that start out gentle and build up. You can set up a morning routine to start automatically after the alarm (e.g a meditation, a motivational reading or an upbeat playlist) so that you are supported in getting the start to the day you desire with less need for willpower.

A night life with the calm clock

In today’s fast-paced world it has never been more important – and probably never more difficult – to be intentional about getting enough rest. Our collective lack of rest is affecting not only individual lives, but society as a whole.

Where do we even start if we want to take back rest and create space from the constant stimuli that is fighting for our attention?

The bedroom is perhaps the one room in your life that can be truly yours if you let it – where you can take a break from the demands of the world. The room that has one main purpose – to ensure that you get the rest and sleep you need to have the energy for all the other rooms and moments in your life.

Rather than bringing the demands and noises of the world into your bedroom with the smartphone, the Calm Clock not only supports, but protects your rest. It makes it easier to to participate in the active process of regulating your nervous system and achieve deep sleep.

With the Calm Clock, great sleep routines can become your default. Chances are, you will not only experience improved sleep – but improved energy levels and positive changes to your day to day life as well.

So for us, replacing the alarm clock and smartphone with a calm clock was a no-brainer. We just had to build it first.

Thoughts on how the calm clock can be of value to you, or anything you would love to see us implement in the final product? We would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to dream big with us by reaching out to maria@selahsleep.com or christine@selahsleep.com.